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This page describes all available commands to operate DKPerms from the player chat and console.

Important things to remember about commands:

  • Required arguments are declared with <example>
  • Optional arguments are declared with [example]
  • Sub commands documented on another page are declared with ...

General commands

These commands are used to operate DKPerms on your network or server.

User commands

These commands are for manging user permissions, groups and metadata.

<player> The name or unique id of the player.

Group commands

Commands for manging groups. <group> is the name of the group.

Permission commands

Sub commands to assign permissions to users and groups.

Parent commands

Sub commands to assign parents (groups) to users and groups.

Meta commands

Sub commands to set meta values to users and groups.

Track commands

These commands are for manging group tracks.

Rank commands

Simplified commands to assign groups / ranks to players. You can permit your staff team to use these commands.

Additional commands

Additional commands provided by DKPerms.

  • /team Used to list all team members

Last update: 2021-02-14