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This page describes the key definitions and the structure of DKCoins. It is very important that you understand these things before you start using DKCoins.

Bank Account

A bank account is a user or joint account that holds money/coins of different currencies on a credit. A bank account is the highest object to which access can be controlled. Bank accounts can have members with different roles and withdrawal limitations and restrictions. Bank accounts can be hierarchical and depend on each other or work completely independent.


A currency is a type of money that is stored in a bank account. Currencies can function completely isolated and independent of each other, or can have a dependence, and the possibility of converting money into other currencies.

Example 1

For example, you have a network with global coins and a city build currency. To achieve this, you can create two different independent currencies.

  • Coins | Global coins, which you can get by playing games
  • CityCoins | Only available on city build

Example 2

Another example would be an advanced multi-currency game mode, for which you can create different currencies that can be exchanged.

  • Dollar| Currency 1
  • Euro | Currency 2

Bank Credit

In order to store money in different currencies in a bank account, DKCoins uses a bank credit that indicates the amount of certain currencies in a bank account. Each bank account can have a maximum one credit of each currency.

Exchange rate

Exchange rates are values that defines how much one currency is worth in another currency. The exchange rate can be defined for each currency and is used to convert the money into another currency.


Every action that a user performs on a bank account is called a transaction. DKCoins logs every money change and creates clear bank statements.

Last update: 2021-02-16