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DKBans is a high configurable Minecraft punishment and player management system with a lot of features and this is the official wiki of the DKBans project. Here you will find a complete documentation how to administrate, install and setup DKBans.

DKBans is maintained by Pretronic and was first released in January 2018. DKBans is a reliable currency system and has been optimized and improved over time.


  • Platform & Environment
    • Running on Spigot and BungeeCord
    • Minecraft 1.8 - 1.18 support
    • H2 (SQLite), MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL and MongoDB support
    • Everything is configurable and customizable
    • Live update over network
    • High performance and caching architecture
  • Punishment
    • Ban, mute, kick and warn punishments
    • Per world, server or server group punishments
    • Alt account detection
    • Ip address blocking
    • Configured punishment templates
      • Innovative punishment workflows
      • Duration calculation based on the player history
      • Intelligent points banning
    • Player History
    • Change logging and versioning
    • Comment and notes system
    • Different types for separate
    • Notifications
  • Player Management
    • Login sessions
    • Comments and notes
    • Utility commands like /jumpto, /onlineTime etc.
  • Report system
    • Templates
    • Accept and decline reports
    • Rewards with DKCoins
  • Notifications with login and logout
  • Chat system
    • Chat filters
    • Different types (e.g. only for muted users)
    • Auto punishment
    • Different matching algorithmen (e.g. contains, startsWith patterns etc.)
    • Chat message logging
  • Broadcast system
    • Network broadcasts
    • chat, title, actionbar and bossbar
    • Broadcast templates
    • Automatically sending
    • Send only to certain groups
    • Per server or world options
  • Third party integrations
    • Placeholders for PlaceholderAPI
    • Vault coins support
    • LabyMod integration (voice chat mute)
    • CloudNet V2 & V3 support (Multi proxy)
  • Additional features
    • Full UUID support
    • Team chat functionality
    • Many other commands (e.g. /ping, /joinme)
    • Migration functionality
    • Tab completion in all commands
    • Large developer api


DKBans support is offered by our team and community via Discord. All supporters do this voluntarily and answer as soon as possible.

Before you ask, please try to solve the problem by yourself with the help of this wiki.
-> Checkout the FAQ

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Last update: 2022-02-09