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This page describes all available commands to operate DKCoins from the player chat and console.

Important things to remember about commands:

  • Required arguments are declared with <example>
  • Optional arguments are declared with [example]
  • Sub commands documented on another page are declared with ...

All commands are customizable in commands.yml, therefore the commands may vary depending on your configuration.

General commands

These commands are used to operate DKBans on your network or server.

Punishment commands

Default punishment commands available by DKBans. You can completely change them with your templates and the command config, so command may vary based on your configuration

Optionally, you can also configure templates for warning and kick.

Report commands

Commands for players to report other players.

Ip commands

Commands to view ip information of the player

History commands

Commands to view the player history.

Player commands

Player management commands.

Filter commands

Commands to operate the filter system.

Broadcast commands

Commands to operate the broadcast system.

Additional commands

Additional commands provided by DKBans.

Last update: 2021-05-24