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Filter Commands

This page describes the usage and permissions of the DKBans filter commands.

Important things to remember:

  • Required arguments are declared with <example>
  • Optional arguments are declared with [example]


/filter list

Permission: dkbans.command.filter

List all available filters on this network.

/filter add <area> <value> [operation]

Permission: dkbans.command.filter
Arguments: * <area> The area to add this filter * <value> The value of the filter * [operation] The compare operation/algorithm

Add a new filter and block messages.

Available areas:

  • CHAT_ADVERTISING Block messages from the chat for advertising
  • CHAT_INSULT Block messages from the chat for insulting
  • COMMAND Block entire commands for the network
  • COMMAND_MUTE Block commands for muted players (e.g. ./msg)
  • PLAYER_NAME Block player names from the network

Available operations:

  • EQUALS The filter value and the chat input must exactly match
  • CONTAINS The chat input must contain the value
  • STARTS_WITH The chat input must start with the value
  • ENDS_WITH The chat input must end the value
  • REGEX The chat input matches with the configured regex

/filter remove <id>

Permission: dkbans.command.filter
Arguments: * <id> The id of the filter (available in filter list)

Remove an existing filter by id.

Last update: 2021-05-24