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DKFriends (Beta) is a full comprehensive friend, party and clan system. This is the official wiki of the DKFriends project. Here you will find a complete documentation how to administrate, install and setup DKFriends.

DKFriends is maintained by Pretronic and was first released in July 2021.

DKFriends is a new plugin and in Beta mode, it was just released on 2021-07-18.


  • Platform & Environment
    • Running on Spigot and BungeeCord
    • Minecraft 1.8 - 1.18 support
    • H2 (SQLite), MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL and MongoDB support
    • Everything is configurable and customizable
    • Live update over network
    • High performance and caching architecture
  • Friend system
    • Friend requests
    • Favorite friend option
    • Private message system
    • Settings system
  • Party system
    • Private and public parties
    • Party rank system
    • Party chat system
    • Settings system
  • Clan system
    • Rank system
    • Clan chat system
    • Clan tags
    • Settings system
  • Inventory GUI
    • Friends menu
    • Clans menu
    • Party menu
    • Setting menu
    • Player hider

Features under development

Since DKFriends is a new plugin and has just been released, there are still some open features that will be implemented in the coming weeks.

  • Administrator commands
  • LabyMod RPC integration
  • Better setting system
    • Allow settings per ranks and groups (e.g. friends, favorites)
  • Inventory GUI
    • Live update
    • 100% customizable
  • DKConnect integration
    • See if your friend is online on Discord
    • Send channel join request
    • Automatically party voice channel creation
    • Assign permission to join for party members
  • Clan stats api
    • An api possibility to integrate third party plugins


DKFriends support is offered by our team and community via Discord. All supporters do this voluntarily and answer as soon as possible.

Before you ask, please try to solve the problem by yourself with the help of this wiki.
-> Checkout the FAQ

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Last update: 2022-02-09