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General Commands

This page describes the usage and permissions of the DKCoins general commands.

Important things to remember:

  • Required arguments are declared with <example>
  • Optional arguments are declared with [example]



Permission: dkcoins.admin

This is the base command of DKCoins. It is use for administrating the whole DKCoins economy system on your network. If you don't have access to this command, the plugin version and author is displayed.

/dkcoins info

Alias: information, i, version, v
Shows information about the current installed plugin, like the version and author.

/dkcoins migrate <system>

Permission: dkcoins.admin
Alias: migration, m

  • <system> The name of the system to migrate (DKCoinsLegacy, EssentialsX, etc.)

Import coins from another coin system to DKCoins

/dkcoins admin <player/bank> <action> <amount> [currency]

Permission: dkcoins.admin
Alias: bankAdmin

  • <player/bank> The player or name of the bank, * to interact with all online player banks (configurable in config.yml payment.all.aliase)
  • <action> The action to perform
  • <amount> The amount
  • [currency] The name of the currency

Administration commands to manipulate bank and player account balances.

Available actions:

  • set Set the amount to the account
  • add Add the amount to the account
  • remove Remove the amount to the account

Last update: 2021-05-11