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DKConnect support is offered by our team and community via Discord. All supporters do this voluntarily and answer as soon as possible.

Before you ask, please try to solve the problem by yourself with the help of this wiki.
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Bug reports

Before you create a bug report, make sure it is not a configuration issue, or a not supported feature. If you are sure it must be a bug, create a new post in the #bug-reports channel on our Discord and provide us as much information as possible (Including your plugins and server logs).

Make sure you use the following template to create your report, otherwise we will delete your report and are not able to fix the issue.

**Project:** DKConnect.
**Version**: 2.0.3

**Platform**: BungeeCord / Bukkit
**Network**: None / Proxy / CloudNet etc.
**Storage**: SQLite / MariaDB etc.

**Server Version / Build**: 1402
**McNative Version / Build**: 1402
**Client Version**: 1.8

**Logs / Images**
./mcnative paste (recommended) 

A clear description about the issue and when it occurs.

**To Reproduce**
What we have to do, to trigger the bug.
1. Ban a player with /ban
2. Join the server


If you have a great idea that should be implemented in DKConnect. Feel free to create a suggestion. We use the Feedbacky platform to collect and vote for suggestions.

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Last update: 2021-07-18